Ingol Community Primary School

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19th February 18
Welcome to Ingol Community Primary School
Important Dates
Mon 19th February - School re-opens (8:55am)
Tue 1st March - World Book Day (character day)
Thu 8th March - Y6 Sats parent workshop 2:15pm & 5pm
Fri 23rd March - School closes for Easter 1:15pm

'Food share' scheme


The 'Foodshare Charity' started at Ingol this week - a scheme that is being polited across many councils.

The food donated from local supermarkets is distributed by 'foodshare' to school and parents are asked to make a sensible contribution that seems fitting with the purchase.  Nothing has a price and there was no restriction on amount as long as some sort of contribution was made. Money raised will then be used to by further resources across school.

Thank you 'foodshare' & parents for supporting the event.


'Team Theme' are working with all our pupils in school: both within daily curriculum P.E lessons and also during a Thursday after school club which starts in February. Team theme deliver exciting and fun P.E. activities for all ages of children and we are really pleased to have them on board at Ingol CPS.

Healthy children promoting our healthy school


Since the start of the new term, the whole school has embarked on various activities to promote the importance of leading healthy lifestyles. We have set up a fruit tuck shop for morning break and three times a week each class is participating in the daily mile. Along with various other activities within the school curriculum and through extra-curricular clubs we hope to raise the importance of healthy living.

This term at Ingol CPS the pupils will be developing their 'Emerald Power'

What does an emerald learner show...?

When we are learning we:

Try tricky things and when a  mistake is made – remain calm and start again.

Enjoy challenges and recognise how we can learn from the mistakes we have made.

Are able to control our excitement, disappointment, fear of making mistakes. Making sure we control the monster in my brain.

(Click here to read information on our GEM project in school)