Ingol Community Primary School

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22nd April 18
Welcome to Ingol Community Primary School
Important Dates
Mon 9th April - School re-opens for Summer term 1 (8.55am)
Mon 7th May - Bank Holiday (School closure)
Mon 14th May - Y6 SATs week
Fri 25th May - School closes for half term holiday (3.15pm)
Mon 4th June - School re-opens for Summer term 2

New Art Club for the Summer Term


Pupils across school enjoyed their first session in the 'Pebble Art Club.'



This term at Ingol CPS the pupils will be developing their 'Amethyst Power'

What does an emerald learner show...?

Co-operate and share ideas when working with a partner.

I share by listening and talking.

I understand what is going on and feel confident to contribute.

I respect what my partner has to say when we are learning we



(Click here to read information on our GEM project in school)


'Team Theme' are working with all our pupils in school: both within daily curriculum P.E lessons and also during a Thursday after school club which starts in February. Team theme deliver exciting and fun P.E. activities for all ages of children and we are really pleased to have them on board at Ingol CPS.

Healthy children promoting our healthy school


Since the start of the new term, the whole school has embarked on various activities to promote the importance of leading healthy lifestyles. We have set up a fruit tuck shop for morning break and three times a week each class is participating in the daily mile. Along with various other activities within the school curriculum and through extra-curricular clubs we hope to raise the importance of healthy living.