Ingol Community Primary School

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23rd March 17
Welcome to Ingol Community Primary School
Important Dates
March 6th - KS2 trip (Manchester Musueum of Sci & Industry)
March 13th - Science Week (Events in school)
March 22nd-24th - KS2 residential (Tower Wood)

Manchester Museum of Science & Industry KS2 trip 2017- Further pictures on the class blogs


World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March


KS1 enjoyed a fantastic time visiting South Lakes Wildlife Park - A lovely day meeting the lovely animals.


This term at Ingol the pupils will be developing their 'Emerald Power'

What does an Emerald Power learner show...?

When we are learning we are:

  • brave and happy to give it a go;
  • happy to make mistakes and correct it without getting upset;
  • able to bounce back a number of times without getting frustrated;

(Click here to read information on our GEM project in school)

Ingol CPS included in top 100 by Government Initiative (IQ)



Government Initiative IQ recognises Ingol Primary School as a Top Performing and Improving School.

All the hard work by staff and pupils is paying off as the school has been recognised as being one of the top 100 performers across the country.

(click here) for a link to the IQ initiative.

(click here) for a link to our report.