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Ingol Community

Primary School

Dream, Inspire, Achieve



Ingol Community

Primary School

Dream, Inspire, Achieve

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11th January

Every morning please try to get your child to do 15minutes reading and 15 minutes handwriting (in the CGP book) 

They have also been set some assignment tasks on Ed shed www.edshed.com for English and Maths. TTrockstars is also available for the children to use daily for 10/15 minutes www.ttrockstars.co.uk . I will award dojo points for accessing the sites and for uploading work to dojo. 


Monday 11th January 

English - Grammar CGP  page 19 

English - CGP Building Stonehenge (Page 4 and 5)

Maths – CGP pages 16 and 17.

Then practice the 4 times tables.

Don't forget to log in to the zoom at 11.30am  - Details are on the dojo page 


Virtual link Maths - Place value


Virtual link English - apostrophes




Tuesday 12th January 

English – look back at the comprehension text from yesterday (Building Stonehenge). Can you pick out 10 facts and then write them down in your own words. Can you add pictures?

 For example – People used deer antlers to break up the ground. 


Maths – CGP pages 18 and 19

Then practice the 4 times tables. 

Virtual link Maths - Ordering numbers


Virtual link English - identify main characters


Wednesday 13th January 

English - Grammar CGP pages 20-21

English CGP- comprehension (Nature trail pages 6 and 7)

Maths – CGP pages 20 and 21

Virtual link - rounding numbers 


Virtual links English - suffixes 



Thursday 14th January 

Look at the comprehension from yesterday and first pick out all the rhyming words. For example – frog and log.

Then draw and label 5 different creatures that are in the text.

Grammar CGP page 22-23

Maths – CGP pages 14 and 15

Virtual link - rounding to the multiple of ten 


Virtual link English - simple sentences 


Friday 15th January 

Looking again at the nature trail text can you pick one creature and create a fact file for it.

Maths – CGP pages 16 and 17

Virtual link Maths - rounding to the nearest 100


Virtual link English - retell and sequence the story 




Afternoon work for the children - Home Learning Topic


Starting on Monday 11th January you need to pick a country of your choice. We will be researching different things about the country. 


  • Weather/climate
  • Traditions
  • Food
  • Important people in that country
  • Sports
  • Leisure and pastime
  • Cities/towns within the country
  • Places of interest
  • Houses and home/ buildings
  • Flags and maps




Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

  • Weather and climate
  • Tourism


  • Sports
  • Important people
  • Leisure and pastime


  • Places of interest
  • Houses/homes/

Significant buildings

  • Traditions
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Language
  • Flags and maps
  • Food