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Ingol Community

Primary School

Dream, Inspire, Achieve



Ingol Community

Primary School

Dream, Inspire, Achieve

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Earth Day 2022

We had so much fun celebrating Earth Day 2022! 

This morning we recieved a letter from a very old tree in a forest asking for our help to stop the council from chopping her down to use the wood to make furniture. It was very exciting and the children came up with lots of ideas to help her. We decided to write a letter to the council to try to convince them to not chop her down and the children had some amazing ideas!                                                                                  

Then we learnt more about how important trees are for animals. We looked at some more letters from animals who live in trees, telling us about how important trees are to them. We then created some beautiful art work showing the animals in the trees telling us why the tree is important to them.                                   

Then this afternoon to finish off Earth day we planted our own apple tree! We all helped to dig the whole and then filled in the dirt all around it to make it sturdy. We cant wait to watch it grow and hopefully produce some delicious fruits!                                                                                                                           

This half term our Geography topic is Our School. We will be learning all about where our school is, looking at different types of maps and comparing them, and also creating our own maps/plans of our school. 

Our classroom aerial plan

In todays lesson we imagined that we were birds flying in the sky, looking down at our classroom. We discussed that this is called a birds eye view. We then worked together to map out our classroom and create an aerial view of the room. We talked about all of the different areas and labelled them. 

In todays lesson we did some fieldwork for our school building. We wore special High-Vis jackets and used clipboards. We walked around all the different areas of our school and created aerial plans of the inside and outside of our school. 

The UK

This half term our geography topic is The UK. We will be learning about:

  • the weather in the UK
  • UK seasons
  • the four countries in the UK
  • the capital cities in the UK
  • features of countries in the UK.

Identifying countries in the UK

We used atlas to identify the four countries in the UK. 

Playdough maps!

We used playdough and made our own UK map! We used different colours to represent the four different countries in the UK.