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Ingol Community

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Dream, Inspire, Achieve

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Year 5 Curriculum overview Summer 2

Welcome To Year 5, Summer term 1

Below is a brief overview of the Year 5 curriculum coverage for the 1st half of the Summer term.


Our English focus this term is stories from other cultures. We will begin the term by reading and comparing 2 books set in the rainforest, 'The Great Kapok Tree' and The Shaman's Apprentice', both written by the author Lynne Cherry. Once the children have gained knowledge and vocabulary specific to the rainforest, they will write their own narrative. We will then look at some of the current rainforest issues such as deforestation, before writing our own persuasive letters and engaging in a debate.  








Our learning in science is all about lifecycles and reproduction. Firstly looking at sexual and asexual plant reproduction, before moving onto lifecycles of humans and animals. we will have lots of exciting things going on in the classroom; seeing if we can grow plants in different ways, observing frogspawn as it turns into a frog and looking closely at our caterpillars as they turn into butterflies through metamorphosis.  



Our geography topic this term is the Amazon Rainforest, which will cover a range of geography skills. We will begin by identifying where the world's rainforests are using longitude and latitude. Through this, we will consider how significant their position is in relation to climate and biome. The children will then work together to investigate the various layers of the rainforest and how each plant, animal and insect plays a part within the biome. We will be learning about the many tribes of the rainforest and the issues they face. We will finish our topic by looking at what the rainforest provides us with and destruction of the rainforests.



In DT this term we will continue our work with testiles, this time designing and making a cushion. The children will think carefully about their design, considering who it is for, what purpose it will serve, and how they will construct it.



Our French learning will also focus on habitats. the children will learn the vocabulary needed to discuss a range of habitats and the plants and animals found there. 




Physical health and mental wellbeing. 

The children will be learning how that bacteria and viruses can affect health, thinking about ways  they can prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses with everyday hygiene routines to recognise the shared responsibility of keeping a clean environment. They will then focus on medicines and how they contribute to health, including vaccinations and immunisations. 


This year Year 5 are taking part in the 'Bounce Forward' project. This consists of an hour each week, during the second Autumn term, These sessions will focus on resilience to support good mental health . Look out for updates in our class gallery. 


Keeping safe

Children will learn to identify when situations are becoming risky, unsafe or an emergency and to differentiate between positive risk taking and dangerous behaviour. They will learn the importance of taking responsibility for their own safety as well as how to respond in an emergency, including when and how to contact different emergency services.