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Ingol Community

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Ingol Community

Primary School

Dream, Inspire, Achieve

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Year 5 Curriculum Overview Spring 2



In English we are learning all about legends. We will analyse and evaluate at a range of legends from around the UK, before studying in detail the legend of  'The faithful dog Gelert'. We will complete a variety of writing tasks, then plan and write our own legend based on this model.


Our non fiction text this half term will be a magazine hybrid, where the children will write in a variety of genres to complete a magazine double page. 


We will start the term with division, both mental and written methods.

During the shape unit, Year 5 will look at distinguishing between regular and irregular shapes,  identifying the properties of a rectangle and recognising 3-D shapes from their 2-D representations. 

Our learning on fractions this term will involve converting improper fractions in to mixed numbers and adding and subtracting fractions.

Measurement this term will encourage the children to calculate and estimate area and volume. They will also learn the difference between liquid and solid volume. We will end the term focusing on statistics and how to calculate mode, median and range.  



In science we will be learning all about the human lifecycles and how at different stages in our life, we go through different changes. We will use a variety of scientific skills to investigate different changes such as: plotting graphs to show the growth in babies from 0-1year, designing an investigation to see if people with bigger feet can jump further and creating a branching database to sort out different types of animal. 




History this term will focus on the Georgian period, particularly the slave trade. The children will find out why the slave trade started and Britain's involvement. We will analyse  some artefacts linked to the slave trade and find out how the trade triangle increased the trade in slaves. Following this, the children will look at the abolition of slavery and how that affected those who were enslaved. 



  In DT this term the children will identify the parts of a mechanism learning the function of the cam, follower and slider. They will evaluate different types of cam movement, looking at the links between shape and movement. Finally they will design and make their own moving toy using a cam mechanism.


This term, Year 5 will be looking at the importance of the miracles of Jesus as seen from the stories told in the Bible. We will also be looking at what 'pilgrimage' means, why Christians do it and what sort of pilgrimage would be important in our lives. All term, we will be relating everything we learn back to the central question of, "What do we mean by a miracle?". This will mean looking at the definition of miracle and what a miracle could mean to children. 


Team theme will continue their Tuesday afternoon PE lessons with a focus on team games. Mrs Goulding will also continue to teach PE (basketball) each Wednesday. Children must come to school in suitable clothes and footwear.   Jewellery must not be worn for any PE lessons. If earrings can't be taken out, plasters from home must be used. 


In french, the children will learn the names for a variety of clothing. they will learn the singular and plural as well as masculine and feminine pronunciation. they will link the clothing to weather and also recap colours in french.