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Ingol Community

Primary School

Dream, Inspire, Achieve



Ingol Community

Primary School

Dream, Inspire, Achieve

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Halving numbers


Number Bonds

Sequencing numbers to 20

Counting objects

Identifying odd and even numbers

We used numicon to help us identify odd and even numbers by seeing which numbers had complete partners and which ones had an odd one out.

Using this we discovered that counting in 2s shows us even numbers!

Solved mixed addition and subtraction problems

Measuring capacity

Today we learnt about capacity. We looked at different containers of water and identified which containers were full, half full or empty.

Measuring capacity

To measure the capacity of different containers, we used cubes as our unit and identified how many fit inside. We learnt how to estimate and made a guess about how many would fit before measuring and counting out how many cubes filled the containers to full capacity. 

We have been learning how to divide this week! 

We used the 'part, part, whole' method to split numbers equally in half by sharing out cubes. 

Measuring using cubes