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Ingol Community

Primary School

Dream, Inspire, Achieve



Ingol Community

Primary School

Dream, Inspire, Achieve

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School Values


Our School Vision - Dream... Inspire... Achieve...



We are committed to improving the quality of the educational provision for all of our children which will enable them to reach their full potential and attain the levels of knowledge, understanding and skills that society demands for their future lives.  High quality education at Ingol CP School will be achieved by:


  • positive, caring and clearly focused leadership from the senior leadership team
  • the whole staff team working together to do its best for our children’s confidence
  • the whole staff team having high expectations of our children’s social, behavioural and academic performance
  • well planned, exciting and challenging teaching that develops lively, enquiring and open minds in our children
  • creating stimulating and attractive learning environments in which our children can take a pride
  • fostering a calm, secure and purposeful working atmosphere that nurtures a positive esteem and self-image in all our children
  • promoting respect for other people and their property
  • working in partnership with parents, governors and the local community to enrich opportunities for our children


We will continually strive to achieve the school’s aims through the formal curriculum and through all the other experiences offered to our children.  High quality education will raise the children’s standards of attainment, enabling them to:


  • develop their use of English and Maths which provide the foundation for all their other learning
  • learn social skills that encourage agreeable interactions between their peers as well as adults
  • treat everyone in an equal manner, irrespective of gender, race, class or disability
  • develop personal and moral values that are respectful of others, leading to their appreciation and toleration of other religions and other ways of life
  • learn in a safe and secure environment, in keeping with Health and Safety Regulations that are in the interests of all whom work in the school.



Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


Ingol Community Primary School Gem Powers

Each term we focus on a specific 'Learning Power' which helps pupils to develop their attitude to learning, concentration, social skill, independence and collaborative skill. The powers help the pupils to become better performers and help to provide 'life long skills' that will also help them in everyday situations outside of the school environment.

Gems are awarded to pupils when they display learning powers. Each week, totals of Gems collected in each class are counted and displayed in the hall and on our website then linked to our school reward system.


Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 2

Spring Term 1

Spring Term 2

Summer Term 1

Summer Term 2








Supporting others




Speaking respectfully


Praising others


Being helpful

Reacting appropriately


Trying again


Not giving up





Have a go


Try before you ask for help


Use strategies


Show confidence


Believe you can do it



Show respect




Understanding others


Contribute positively

Aim high


Try new ideas


Think outside of the box


Challenge yourself


Have own ideas

Stay on task


100% Effort


Develop stamina


Take pride in tasks


Don’t be distracted