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Ingol Community

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Dream, Inspire, Achieve



Ingol Community

Primary School

Dream, Inspire, Achieve

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Year 5 Curriculum Overview Summer 1

Welcome back Year 5 as we begin the first half of the Summer Term.



In English we are learning all about legends. We will analyse and evaluate at a range of legends from around the UK, before studying in detail the legend of  'The faithful dog Gelert'. We will complete a variety of writing tasks, then plan and write our own legend based on this model.


Our non fiction text this half term will be a magazine hybrid, where the children will write in a variety of genres to complete a magazine double page.  



We will begin our maths learning this half term by recapping place value. From there, we will learn all about fractions: ordering, comparing, simplifying, adding, subtracting and multiplying. Our geometry focus this half term will include identifying 3D shapes, distinguishing between regular and irregular polygons, properties of rectangles and coordinates. 



In science we will be learning all about the human lifecycles and how at different stages in our life, we go through different changes. We will use a variety of scientific skills to investigate different changes such as: plotting graphs to show the growth in babies from 0-1year, designing an investigation to see if people with bigger feet can jump further and creating a branching database to sort out different types of animal. 





This half term in history we will study the ancient civilisation 'The Shang Dynasty'. First we will identify at the 5 main ancient civilisations, where they were located in the world and when in history they existed. We will then complete our learning about the Shang Dynasty by looking closely at the artefacts found in Fu Hoa's tomb, analysing the social structure of the civilisation, discovering what oracle bones were and then finishing with the reasons why they Dynasty came to an end. 





PE will now take place each week on Tuesday with Team Theme, and also on Wednesday with Mrs Goulding. In the Tuesday session, the children will be using their map skills to complete tasks through orienteering. On Wednesdays we will be learning a dance linked to the superheroes topic. Please remember to have full PE kit in for both sessions and also jewellery must be removed before the session takes place.